Study determines that cannabis can close the “orgasm inequality gap” between men and women

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Research provides evidence that cannabis aids the sexual experience

The orgasmic gap refers to the fact that women enjoy far fewer orgasms than men. This gap is especially large in heterosexual relationships, where women experience significantly fewer orgasms than their male partners. According to a new study, the effects of marijuana on sex may be able to close this “orgasm inequality gap,” making the level of pleasure much higher in both men and women.

The numbers say that men have more orgasms than women during sex. If they say so, it is because much importance has been given to intercourse, but it is possible to get out of the orgasm gap by making it visible, whether or not the climax is reached. Late last week, an article published in the Journal of Cannabis Research focused on marijuana and increased pleasure during sex.

Sexologist Amanda Moser of East Carolina University, who specializes in combining sex with marijuana, conducted the research. After surveying more than 800 adults who have used cannabis online, Moser’s results indicate greater perceived sexual satisfaction and functioning regardless of age or gender if cannabis was used before.

More than 70% of respondents said they had turned to marijuana prior to sexual intimacy to increase desire and optimize orgasms. The same applies to self-pleasure, as another 62.5% indicated that cannabis increased the pleasurable sensation of masturbation. Moser and colleagues said the study’s findings have important relevance to women’s pleasure.

The results “suggest that cannabis may potentially close the orgasm inequality gap,” they write. This attacks previous studies showing that women have more difficulty reaching peak pleasure. This being the case, it seems that marijuana is becoming the special ingredient to put this gap aside so that the couple ends up equally satisfied after a sexual session.