Study confirms value of medical marijuana

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An analysis of state medical programs finds overwhelming support for cannabis

It will be interesting to see how the marijuana opponents try to argue the latest study. According to analysis of state-legal medical cannabis programs shows that 85% of the health reasons for which patients seek medical marijuana relief are now justified by conclusive scientific evidence. The research was published in a recent edition of the Health Affairs journal.

The study was led by researchers at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The lead author of the report, Kevin Boehnke, points out, “The majority of patients for whom we have data are using cannabis for reasons where the science is the strongest.”

Among the top afflictions for which patients seek medical marijuana relief are, in order, pain relief, symptoms from multiple sclerosis and nausea related to chemotherapy. The information used in the study was pooled from 15 states and analyzed by the researchers.

The report also showed that medical marijuana registrations dropped in those states where recreational marijuana has been legalized. This is a logical step, as medical marijuana cards are no longer needed to purchase cannabis products in those states.

By now, most people understand why marijuana has been kept under wraps for so long, and it has virtually nothing to do with concerns over the plant’s medical benefits. However, the truth always comes out – sooner or later. However, as Ziva Cooper of the Cannabis Research Initiative at the University of California LA points out, the study shows that people are learning about the true benefits of cannabis and its chemical components, such as cannabinoids, and are finally able to find the natural relief they have been seeking.