Studies show that consuming cannabis can help people quit smoking cigarettes

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For those trying to kick the nicotine habit, non-addictive CBD may be the place to start

Exactly one month ago, World No Tobacco Day was celebrated, a date that reminds people of the importance of quitting smoking this substance for better health. The consumption of this substance not only causes cancer but is also associated with heart attacks, asthma, infertility, or impotence. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that smoking is the world’s leading cause of preventable death. Therefore, much can be done to avoid it and what better than using cannabis to do so. A study reveals that consuming this plant can become the perfect ally to leave nicotine addiction behind.

There are several studies that speak of the therapeutic properties of marijuana or its compounds to treat tobacco addiction. Among them, those that focus on cannabidiol (CBD), one of the plant’s cannabinoids with a great reputation, stand out. One study, conducted by University College London (UCL), found that CBD use helped reduce nicotine cravings almost instantly.

While the full action of CBD on the endocannabinoid system is not yet clear, studies have highlighted it as an anti-addictive drug. That is, CBD acts on neural circuits related to the development of addictions, modulating subsequent drug-seeking behaviors, making it an interesting pharmacological candidate for the treatment of substance use disorders.

“The study found that after a single dose of CBD treatment, heavy daily smokers find that smoking-related cues are less visually striking,” said UCL. If that’s not enough, there’s always the option of swapping smoking for the action of vaporizing cannabis. This would eliminate the effects linked to combustion. What’s more, there are many users who stop smoking both tobacco and joints and switch to vaporization only once they have tried it.

Hence, vaporizing CBD-rich cannabis would be of great help, because it would even help to reduce the anxiety derived from getting off a substance. Perhaps CBD, as it works as an anxiolytic, can be a substitute treatment to progressively quit nicotine, because the person is not so anxious.