State lawmakers join forces to push for federal marijuana reform

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More pressure is being put on Congress to decide on cannabis reform

Already, a number of states have joined the legislative movement to give marijuana a legalized tone. However, the federal government is still reluctant to take similar measures, which is why several leaders have made their voices heard. During the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), a vote was recently taken to adopt a policy directive in which many legislators expressed their strong support for both federal and banking cannabis reform.

The measure was approved by a voice vote yesterday at this year’s legislative summit. One of the many state legislators in attendance said in an interview afterward that most of the debate leading up to the vote essentially focused on the need for the government to take action as soon as possible on marijuana banking reform. There was no discussion of legalization language, however.

Five years ago, NCSL members gave the go-ahead to a directive intended to declassify cannabis. However, the most recent measure received several amendments implying that states should have the power to set their own marijuana policies without the federal government getting in the way.

In order for that position to be expanded, NCSL members held a vote to include an explicit call for federal legalization. Cannabis banking reform was also not left out of the equation as a new section regarding the issue was added to the policy directive. The idea is for Congress to feel some level of pressure to take action once and for all.

“Under federal law, cannabis businesses in states that have legalized the sale of cannabis cannot use the nation’s banking system, forcing them to operate primarily as cash-only entities,” the NCSL directive stated. There have already been several movements in the upper chambers of the country to give life to this reform; however, nothing has materialized so far.

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