Springbig is making it easier for CBD and hemp companies to sell their products

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The company is making retail access easier through a new Shopify solution

Springbig is introducing new features for US hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) retailers. Helped by Shopify’s platform, the company is giving retailers a new opportunity to offer customer loyalty programs and communication features. It will undoubtedly become a tool for many hemp and CBD retailers to take their sales to the sky.

Springbig is known for being a leading provider of SaaS-based marketing solutions and omni-channel loyalty programs for the cannabis industry. The firm recently announced a new private app available through Shopify.

Through this solution, CBD and hemp retailers will have the ability to offer a seamless loyalty program with a plethora of digital communication features and options. As a result, they will be able to more effectively target a wider range of shoppers both in-store and online.

Shopify is used by millions of merchants today. The provider of essential POS and Internet infrastructure offers a platform capable of enabling the sale of hemp and hemp-derived products that comply with the laws and regulations where the merchant operates. As part of Shopify’s requirements, in-country merchants have to review and submit a declaration for the sale of their products.

“Springbig is thrilled to offer the first loyalty app that specifically serves cannabis and CBD brands,” said Jeffrey Harris, CEO of Springbig. “Our latest integration will simplify the process of creating and managing a robust customer loyalty program to ensure a smooth retail experience. We are always working to improve cannabis and CBD shopping experiences across North America and this partnership moves us closer to achieving our ultimate goal.”