Spring cleaning tips for cannabis gear

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Ungunk the gear for better results

Most cannabis users turn to marijuana for its medical benefits. However, if the equipment isn’t maintained properly, it can weaken the effects. Just like most people “spring clean” their homes this time of year, it’s time to spring clean the marijuana paraphernalia.

Clean gear is readily available and is easy to use. Realistically, the equipment should be maintained more often, but many people procrastinate or simply don’t have enough time. One of the most difficult substances to remove is cannabis resin, but there is a secret solution that will help make it a chore-less chore.

Combine rubbing alcohol and salt (coarse grind and no iodine for better results). For cleaning pipes, scrape off as much resin as possible and put the pipe in a plastic Ziploc bag. Cover with alcohol and add about a teaspoon of salt. Close, shake – gently – and let the pipe soak for about two to three hours. Rinse the pipe with warm water, let it dry and your favorite gear should be ready for use.

Water pipes and bongs are a little more difficult to clean, but it’s not impossible. Dismantle the gear and pour out the dirty water. Add a few tablespoons of salt, depending on the size of the bong, and add a cup of alcohol. Cover the stem and the tube openings (you can use cotton balls and washcloths) and shake the bong for a couple of minutes. If it looks cleaner, great – pour out the alcohol, rinse and let it air dry. If it isn’t clean, try again.

Maintenance of vape pens will depend on the type of device. If it’s one that uses oil or dried flower with a cartridge, scrape off the cartridge and wipe its exterior with a cotton swab soaked in oil (don’t let the heating element get wet), and let it air dry. If the vape pen uses ground flower and has a chamber, take it apart, scrape it out (find a spare toothbrush) and clean the outside with alcohol – remember not to let the alcohol touch the heating element. In both cases, the mouthpiece can be soaked in alcohol for 30 minutes and rinsed with warm water.

None of the maintenance is too time-consuming, but can help your gear stay in optimum shape, which will help you stay in optimum shape.