Spike Jonze and Jesse Williams captivate with new cannabis short

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MedMen create a spot using Hollywood A-listers in an effort to destigmatize cannabis use

In light of the NFL pulling a Super Bowl ad that featured marijuana, MedMen decided to take a stand. They creating a commercial to shed light on the socially controversial subject, employing the help of some Hollywood celebrities to bring their dream to life. So far, it’s getting all the attention it deserves and has been picked up by a number of mainstream news sites that are helping to spread the word.

The spot was directed by Spike Jonze, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker behind hits such as Being John Malkovich and Where The Wild Things Are. It starred Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy and is part of MedMen’s new “The New Normal” marketing campaign. The two-minute short film has premiered on the MedMen website and YouTube and is part of the company’s effort to destigmatize cannabis use.

Jonze said of the project, “I’ve never been into pot much or a huge advocate for legalization, but I’ve always supported it because it seemed absurd for the reasons we all know. And it always felt inevitable. But getting to do this, I got to learn the bigger picture of the whole story. I feel so hopeful, but the thing that sticks with me and upsets me is that there are still so many people that are still locked up for this plant that is now legal in so many places. That doesn’t make sense.”

In addition to being seen on the MedMen site and YouTube, the short will also appear in over 300 movie theaters as a pre-trailer spot through a contract with Screen Vision Media. Additionally, there will be radio spots on Sirius XM and in print in magazines such as Us Weekly, GQ, Rolling Stone and others.

There is reportedly already a sequel in the works.

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