South Dakota Governor gets behind recreational marijuana legalization

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Governor Noem will support cannabis legislation, depending on the language

Without really knowing if it was a change of heart or electoral stance, South Dakota’s governor now claims that cannabis legalization can move forward if given the green light. For a long time, the state’s governor Kristi Noem was known to have an opposing stance on the legalization of recreational marijuana. However, that seems to have changed, and she states that she would have no problem implementing this law.

After meeting with approximately 20 constituents in Rapid City, Noem revealed her real reasons for defying the ballot measure two years ago, even though more than half of the voters said they favored legalization. The governor spoke about certain plans in the event of her successful re-election as well as Measure 27, which could be likely to be accepted during next week’s elections.

In simple terms, this proposal seeks to legalize marijuana for adults over the age of 21. Initially, Noem had insisted on a court challenge, warning that the measure was unconstitutional. “I raised my right hand and said that I would uphold the state Constitution and the US Constitution. The basis of every decision comes from that,” Noem said.

Noem’s criticisms were later accepted by Circuit Judge Christina Klinger, who was quick to rule that the proposal violates the requirement that constitutional amendments can address only one issue. Noem explains that if she had cleared the way for this marijuana amendment to become law, it would have created a precedent that would prevent challenges to other amendments that may also be deemed unconstitutional.

However, having been drafted “correctly,” the governor says the new proposal has her full support. For many, it is still hard to believe that The Mount Rushmore State will implement a recreational marijuana market under Noem’s administration. Whatever the reason, her stance should be welcomed by many advocates, especially now that the midterm elections are just around the corner.