Sonoma County approves recreational marijuana sales, limits pot farms

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Sonoma County supervisors introduce new marijuana regulations

This past Tuesday, Sonoma County supervisors cast their votes for several marijuana-related issues, and the results are positive. With supervisors agreeing on a number of subjects, the county will see the measures introduced by the middle of next month, with some to follow later. The rules are the latest to be seen in California and come after almost two years of discussions.

Marijuana dispensaries could be introduced by mid-November if everything goes according to plan. Additionally, marijuana farms will be limited to properties that measure at least 10 acres. This new requirement could make over 5,100 properties ineligible for marijuana cultivation.

County Supervisor David Rabbitt asserted that there shouldn’t be any more business applications accepted until the county provides more clarity on the topic, including an evaluation of each proposed marijuana farm. That evaluation would be used to determine how the farm could impact those living close to the proposed site. However, Rabbitt’s position has repeatedly been snubbed by other county board members.

Some county residents who attended the meeting lodged complaints about marijuana expansion in the area. Some argue that marijuana farms shouldn’t be allowed close to homes and they could affect water resources. Others said that marijuana cultivation shouldn’t be allowed at all.

Sonoma County supervisors have been talking about different aspects of marijuana, including cultivation, production, and sales, since 2016. The subject has been a popular one and the county had hoped to reach a conclusion that could help eventually eliminate the marijuana black market. With the new rules, that plan is now well underway.

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