Sonoma City Council to discuss cannabis legislation

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The city wants to ban cannabis businesses within city limits

Sonoma City Council is preparing to address cannabis next week that could have a negative impact on the plant’s future in the city. Among topics that include an extension of a ban on new wine tasting rooms, the city council will also look into passing an ordinance that would ban cannabis-related businesses within city limits. That ordinance currently has the backing of the city’s Planning Council.

The meeting, which will be held on September 24, will give residents the opportunity to provide input on the ordinance. Following the open forum, Sonoma will discuss, and possibly vote on, the issue, which has been addressed for the last two years in a series of public meetings and studies. According to some sources, the city is expected to pass the ordinance and keep cannabis businesses out of the city.

The ordinance covers two primary issues – cultivation and cannabis sales. Currently, cannabis is allowed to be grown at private residences, but is limited to six plants, a maximum of three of which can be grown outside. The ordinance would continue to allow the private cultivation, but prohibit any dispensary, retail establishment or testing or manufacturing facility. It would, however, not place a prohibition on delivery services that are conducted by licensed businesses located outside the city.

The residential cultivation ordinance carries a few conditions. No cannabis grown outdoors for personal use can be located within 100 feet of a church, school, library or park. A personal greenhouse is considered indoors for the purpose of the ordinance.