Snoop Dogg out-smoked by Willie Nelson

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The rapper and cannabis connoisseur admits he once couldn’t keep up with the country crooner

If there is a rapper who is synonymous with marijuana consumption, it is Snoop Dogg. But the Doggystyle author himself admits that there is someone who knocks him out every time they get together for a melee smoke. Snoop admitted that country legend Willie Nelson remains the only person to accomplish this feat. During an appearance on Let’s Go! with Jim Gray, Tom Brady, and Larry Fitzgerald’s podcast, the Drop It Like It’s Hot rapper revealed that he doesn’t have the ability to outdo the country music legend.

Brady asked him about the “highest” he’s ever been in his life, which turned out to be a wild story. The rapper told the hosts an anecdote from when they spent a 4/20 weekend together in Amsterdam. “One time we met, I was in a hotel room. We were playing dominoes and … enjoying life,” Snoop Dogg said, alluding to his favorite recreational pastime.

The rapper recounted that Willie had a vaporizer, a joint, and a blunt and he had a pipe. He continued, “He whooping my a**, and I’m just getting higher and higher and higher. He just keeps passing it to me, and I’m like, ‘This old motherf**ker’s smoking more than me.’ As the story continued, the hosts couldn’t hold in their laughter and Snoop said, “I’m trying to stop, but I can’t, because I don’t want to show signs of weakness.”

Before performing on the show, Snoop said that Willie Nelson (who, in his opinion, should be on the Mount Rushmore of pot smokers) was the only person who had ever topped him. Snoop Dogg has told this story many times since it happened, including on The Tonight Show. He has also cited this story as the only time someone has smoked more than him, both in interviews and on Twitter.

Nelson has also told the story, albeit with a bit more brevity. “I have a huge tolerance for marijuana,” he told GQ in 2015. “I can probably smoke with anybody anywhere. Me and Snoop Dogg and I had a sting in Amsterdam and he went dragging.”

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