Snoop Dogg has teamed up with a Canadian cannabis company

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Marijuana’s primary celebrity ambassador continues to move the ecosystem forward

Being able to use Snoop Dogg’s name as a reference for a cannabis product should certainly be seen as a privilege. A recent partnership with the rapper is giving these honors to Atlas Global, a cannabis company based in Canada.

The joining of forces between the legendary rapper and the cannabis brand will make Snoop Dogg’s marijuana products drop like it’s all the rage at the local dispensary. Atlas now has the joy of being able to use Snoop Dogg’s name, image, logo, trademarks and other intellectual property to package, produce, distribute, manufacture, sell and even advertise products.

“I chose Atlas to represent and launch my new brands because of their innovation and global reach,” explains the rapper about why he chose to partner with Atlas and their Canadian marijuana products. “I’m excited to work with their team to select my favorite strains for my brands and fans. You know they’re going to be awesome because I will personally approve them.”

Company CEO Bernie Yeung was quick to celebrate this agreement with the iconic rapper, making it clear that he is the most relevant figure in cannabis culture and that it is an honor to collaborate with him. It is important to note that the products will only be launched in Canada, as well as medical cannabis products in Germany, Israel and Australia.

Atlas Global did not disclose the financial terms of the licensing agreement. However, it is known that the contract will last up to five years, according to a press release. Snoop Dogg is no stranger to such transactions, as he signed cannabis licensing deals before, in addition to launching a cannabis brand and making investments in the MJ industry through his California-based fund, Casa Verde Capital.