Smart technologies are helping improve cannabis

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Innovation is helping get rid of efficiencies in cannabis production

Growing and processing marijuana is an expensive undertaking. As the proliferation of marijuana legalization continues, energy demands continue to rise and cause some utility companies to seek out new ways to handle the increases. Fortunately, the industry itself is pitching in, adopting new technology that can help reduce the demand and lighten the load.

Energy-saving products are finding a place alongside marijuana. Smart technology is leading to the creation of “smart farms,” which allow the agricultural centers to control all variables with the Internet of Things (IOT). Some have become so advanced that they never need any human interaction, which leads to a reduction in pesticides, as well.

Additional technologies are also being integrated. For example, UV lights are being replaced by “chip-on-board” (COB) LED lighting. The LEDs are smaller and more need to be used to cover the same amount of space, but they use significantly lower amounts of electricity. COB LED lighting can also provide greater uniformity and strengthened intensity. Since LEDs produce a lower amount of heat, they don’t need to be used in conjunction with a cooling system that is as intense.

More and more, production facilities are turning to water reclamation technology to reclaim and reuse water. These systems, such as those offered by Cube Cap, provide an efficient method to not only reclaim and filter the water, but can also prevent algae growth, which also contributes to an increase in production costs.

There is a lot going on in the marijuana industry today that is helping to shape the future. As both technology and the industry evolve, they will continue to work hand-in-hand to make safer, cleaner products while allowing for a more efficient processing method.