Sleep disorders are good targets for cannabis users

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Consuming the proper dosage of cannabis can lead to a more restful sleep

Most marijuana users take it sporadically and use it recreationally (partying on weekends, for example). But there is another group of users who start to escalate their consumption and smoke marijuana more and more often, no longer for recreational use but in an attempt to self-medicate their sleep problems and insomnia. Nowadays, many people choose to consume this plant to fall asleep faster and get rid of all the disorders related to the time of rest at night.

A person suffers from insomnia when they experience problems falling asleep, staying asleep most of the night, or waking up well-rested. And this has to occur consistently. Cannabis is a central nervous system depressant drug. That is, it makes a person drowsy and it makes them sleepy very quickly. In that sense, its effects are similar to those of alcohol but without serious damage to health.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) induces sleep, while cannabidiol (CBD) can help a person relax and combat anxiety, although CBD can promote wakefulness in small doses. THC also increases the level of adenosine in the body, which promotes sleep.

For many experts, it is particularly interesting to note that cannabis treatment produced significant improvements in quality of life. This includes the feeling of being rested after sleep and feeling less tired and stressed.

In general, users feel they function better when cannabis enters the equation. Cannabinoids can improve sleep quality, reduce sleep disturbances and shorten the time people fall asleep, making the person have a pleasant rest and maintain an improved quality of life.

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