Six strong cannabis influencers worth following

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Watch these social media figures to keep up with all the changes in the cannabis space

Cannabis has been gradually changing the image in the country, more so after all the legalization efforts done in the last few years. The stigma set on this plant is slowly fading away and the cannabis industry has been experiencing a boom even after finding several speed bumps in the road. As it is still illegal under federal law, many cannabis entrepreneurs have had to look for creative options marketing and banking that are usually restricted to the industry. Social media is becoming a popular way among marijuana business leaders and activists to reach a wider audience, and several individuals are cannabis influencers who are worth following.

Adriana Herrera fights for ending the cannabis stigma. She has been focused on the finance sector of the cannabis industry for more than five years and has a history of a mental illness that had her taking prescribed medication that was hurting the quality of life. Turning to cannabis, she found relief and is working to spread the message.

It is hard to think of a more relaxing activity than combining Yoga and cannabis, which is what Katy Karns does all the time, “I have truly loved creating a space for people to be who they are, and it’s been amazing to see the changes in people’s mindsets toward movement and mediation,” said Karns. She is a certified ganja yoga instructor based in Sacramento and uses several techniques along with her yoga practice.

Lizzy Jeff is another popular influencer in the cannabis sector. She is a musician and spiritual advocate and is working to elevate consciousness and social awareness through cannabis education.

Scheri Ruth is a more micro-influencer also based in Sacramento, she uses her platform to advocate for minority communities, especially women of color. Sydni has almost 20,000 followers; she was a budtender and is now a holistic wellness advocate through her social media. She posts, among other content funny skits about cannabis stereotypes and has a bubbly personality.

Finally, Tiffani Sharp is a licensed attorney whose practice is dedicated to cannabis legislation and teaches how to grow cannabis indoors for personal use. She created WOC Canna with the intention to bring more women of color from marginalized communities to the business.