Several cannabis stocks should be on investors’ watchlists this month

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Lower cannabis prices mean more opportunities for investors who know where to look

May continues to be a month full of opportunities in the cannabis industry, even though cannabis stocks have had a difficult start to the year. Falling prices may cloud the fact that some cannabis companies are experiencing considerable growth. However, this, viewed in another light, means that it presents an opportunity for investors to access stocks with increasingly strong financials while their share prices are low.

Three stocks that have had double-digit revenue growth in the fourth quarter and year over year are Agrify, Village Farms International, and Jushi Holdings. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for investors to take a closer look.

Agrify has no direct connection to the plant but helps cannabis companies as it expands its growth. The company sells the tools to help these businesses grow with software and hardware solutions for indoor cultivation and extraction. One of the advantages of this business model is that the firm is not as dependent on the rise or fall of the price of cannabis.

Village Farms makes use of its experience in the market to continue to have solid growth. The company uses hydroponic technology to produce cannabis in Canada and hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) products in the US. There is no doubt that all this background and knowledge gives the company an advantage in the marijuana industry.

And finally, Jushi remains a favorite of many experts. The Florida-based multi-state cannabis operator has nearly 40 dispensaries in seven states. Pennsylvania is where it currently has the largest presence. Last year, Jushi grew its annual revenue by 159% to $209.3 million. The company expects to keep these numbers steady.