Senator Booker remains confident about cannabis legalization on Capitol Hill

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Congress might be ready to make a major move on cannabis reform

Senator Cory Booker’s optimism is no doubt being welcomed by the cannabis industry. The Senator has long made his stance on cannabis clear, saying there is nothing holding back his hopes that federal reform will ever come to pass. During a recent interview, Booker said that marijuana reforms are on the right track and that Congress has a good chance of passing them during the lame-duck session after the midterm elections.

Along with Senator Ron Wyden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Booker introduced a cannabis bill a couple of months ago. The measure seeks to have cannabis nullified and decriminalized at the federal level. Having engaged in several conversations with Schumer, Booker feels that significant progress has been made.

“It’s very likely that during the lame duck – before the new Congress – we’re going to see a really good bipartisan attempt to move it,” Booker said. “Maybe it’s not the bill I wrote with Schumer and (Ron) Wyden, but an effort to tie in restorative justice and some fair banking provisions.”

As is common in many of the bills, social justice continues to be considered a primary issue. The measure that passes the Senate should address these types of areas, making the banking industry equally available. In addition, tax revenues are expected to be invested in helping create economic opportunity and combat addiction, as well as deal with “the sins of the past,” Booker said.

The senator also applauded President Joe Biden’s recently announced actions. Those pardons for people convicted of federal cannabis possession and the call for federal agencies to reclassify marijuana is a step in the right direction for Booker.