Seed-to-sale marijuana software developed by Seattle companies

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Dauntless, Inc. and Soro are creating a platform that will provide better marijuana traceability

In 2013, Clark Musser co-founded Seattle-based Dauntless with a handful of former Microsoft employees in order to create a traceability system that ultimately was dubbed TapNTrace. Now, the platform is coming to the cannabis industry and Dauntless has acquired a cloud software suite designed specifically for the industry to make it happen.

Soro, another Seattle-based company, offers a software solution that manages “Sales & Fulfillment, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Seed-to-Sale Traceability, and business-aware analytics” for cannabis growers and processors. Soro, and its technology, will now be incorporated under the Dauntless umbrella and will be rolled out to growers, packagers and merchants across the U.S.

According to Jerry Tindall, the founder of Soro, “The vision is to build an entire ecosystem around what it means to be a cannabis business. By putting our software together we now have a full stack, a fully integrated offering, and that doesn’t really exist yet — not from the grower all the way to the retail plant sale … there isn’t anyone who is doing the end-to-end product suite at this point.”

When a consumer purchases a cannabis product, it currently isn’t possible to ascertain what’s behind the product – whether it is in compliance, how it has been treated and where it originated. The platform helps to overcome these deficiencies and is similar to systems found in other industries, such as meat, seafood and poultry.

There have already been several product recalls due to the results of lab testing that found samples had contained pesticides and chemicals that were not approved for use in marijuana cultivation and production. A seed-to-sale system can go a long way to ensure that all products are in compliance, providing a safer solution to consumers.