Security companies benefiting from marijuana boom

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The expanding cannabis market is proving successful for the security sector

Marijuana is big business – there’s no denying it. The legal cannabis trade was valued at $9.5 billion in 2017 and grew 37% last year. Of the entire trade, 90% of the market is based in the U.S. An increase in recreational sales across the country – there are now more than ten states that allow recreational marijuana consumption – is fueling a need for an increase in security. More security systems are being installed, more secure forms of product transportation are being introduced and, most importantly, more secure means of money transfers are needed as banks still refuse to deal with the marijuana industry.

As Jeff Zisher, the president and CEO of Aegis Security and Investigations, points out, “Marijuana dispensaries, grows, and manufacturing facilities require complex security plans, detail physical security improvements, and full-time security teams. With a quite involved set of stipulations related to their physical security and necessary operational improvements, it makes sense to not delay the process by trying to figure out the details alone and to work with a professional security consultant knowledgeable in the cannabis space to design and implement your security plan.”

North of the border, after the country legalized recreational cannabis last year, security has become an even bigger concern. The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has had to contract the services of a professional security outfit to provide secure transportation of its products across the company’s entire distribution network.

In addition to directly helping hundreds of thousands of people find relief from their ailments, cannabis is working its magic to create a growing number of jobs and industries, which leads to better, stronger economies. As marijuana continues to be accepted on the global stage, this trend will increase, fostering an entirely new world economy.