Seattle approves legislation to increase equity in the cannabis space

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The city is advancing its cannabis market to make it more inclusive

The marijuana industry has an increasingly strong link to equity and equal opportunity for people interested in being part of its growth. Seattle, being another city aware of the enormous damage caused in the past due to the war on drugs, had no problem in passing unanimously three laws that seek to create equity policies. The measures passed by the City Council now come to give it a new framework of criteria so that no person is left out of the equation.

Seattle has made its position on this issue very clear. The city now expresses its intention to engage in marijuana equity, the cancellation of minor convictions related to the plant and the development of a new needs assessment within the cannabis workforce and industry. The new policies additionally seek to promote equity in cannabis licensing and expand authorized activities.

“Today’s Cannabis Equity legislation sets us on a path towards restoring harms created by the War on Drugs, and City and State policies,” said Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, who sponsored the bill. “As one of the first areas to legalize cannabis, we also need to step up on implementing equity and reparations in the cannabis industry.”

About a month ago, Mayor Bruce Harrell used his signature to make these bills a reality. The legislation specifically addressing job retention will be implemented within nine months of the effective date to allow the Bureau of Labor Standards time to prepare for implementation. Emerald City has undoubtedly now put the cannabis industry on a more equitable footing.