Scientists go after AG Barr to allow more marijuana research

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The American Psychological Association lobbies for faster responses to research requests

The American Psychological Association (APA) is the largest organization of psychology professionals in the U.S. It has a lot of weight behind it with its numbers and resources and is putting its abilities to good use. It has sent a letter to newly appointed Attorney General William Barr, requesting that it take immediate action to allow more marijuana research.

Currently, there are over 24 applications waiting to be approved to cultivate marijuana for research purposes. The majority of these were left unattended when former AG Jeff Sessions, always the marijuana foe, refused to address them while he was still in office. Now, it’s time for a change and Barr is the man the APA believes can make that happen.

In its letter, the APA’s president, Arthur Evans Jr., asserted, “The scientific community is eager to advance cannabis research on both the harmful and therapeutic effects of cannabis and its derivatives. Without access to an expanded range of cannabis products engineered under [Food and Drug Administration]-approved Good Manufacturing Practices, scientific research cannot hope to keep pace with the ever-expanding recreational and medicinal cannabis marketplace.”

Evans continued, “[W]e urge you to take immediate action on the existing pool of cannabis grower applications so that our nation’s scientific community can continue to expand the study of both the harmful and potential therapeutic effects of cannabis and its derivatives.”

Barr has already stated that he supports “the expansion of marijuana manufacturers for scientific research consistent with law” and has vowed to “review the matter and take appropriate steps.” Hopefully, that means more marijuana research is coming soon so individuals such as Alex Berenson will become more irrelevant.