Science reveals which is worse – alcohol or marijuana

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The findings of a recent study are exactly what most people would have expected

The debate over whether alcohol or marijuana is worse is now closed. A collection of studies reveals what was commonly accepted by most – alcohol is far more detrimental than marijuana. It’s even more harmful than nicotine, cocaine and heroin.

There are a number of factors that have to be considered when making such a bold statement. Things like the effect of substances on different organs such as the heart, brain and kidneys have to be taken into account, as well as how they can affect behaviors. Reviewing information available from a number of studies from 2015 to now, including some available from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, show that alcohol contributed to deaths of over 30,700 Americans since 2014. During the same period, there have been no documented recordings of death due to marijuana. The World Health Organization indicates that alcohol use causes 3.3 million deaths around the world each year.

Alcohol can also lead to greater addiction. A study of 8,000 Americans indicated that 15% are considered to be dependent on alcohol, while only 9% of marijuana users were classified as being addicted.

There is also a substantial risk of developing cancer from alcohol – it has already been irrefutably substantiated that alcohol can cause liver and mouth cancer. On the other hand, marijuana is now being shown to be an effective treatment in fighting the disease.

Alcohol can also lead to weight gain. Research provided by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine confirmed that drinkers have a higher tendency to be overweight. While marijuana can cause some people to suffer from the munchies, studies have shown that components in marijuana help in a weight loss program.

While both marijuana and alcohol can have an impact on memory, the overall benefits of marijuana are much greater than alcohol. This begs the question of why it has taken so long for marijuana to be legalized when alcohol has almost always been acceptable.