Science is making CBD edibles easier to digest

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Consumers can now receive the health benefits of CBD faster than ever

Cannabis smoking has gradually become a thing of the past. This is because the plant now offers a wide variety of ways to be consumed, and many patients prefer edibles. However, it has become clear that humans have a number of difficulties in absorbing marijuana because it is not water-soluble, a problem that also occurs in edibles. Different researchers in Israel have focused on this issue and seem to have found an effective solution.

After binding it to the protein, the body can be tricked into believing that marijuana is food. Instead of people having to wait up to two hours, users will be able to feel the effects of cannabis in a matter of 15 minutes. The process can certainly make a big difference for both those who crave relief from a painful condition and those who simply want to get high faster, as long as it’s legal.

“What we’ve created is a natural protein carrier that ‘Ubers’ cannabis through your system,” says Rafi Cohen, CCO of Day Three Labs (DTL), the company that developed the technology. “So it bypasses your digestive tract naturally because your body thinks it’s absorbing and digesting protein.”

The expert claims to have been inspired by the way food is digested and says he is the first in the world to successfully link marijuana with protein. The patented technology, called Unlokt, took more than six years to develop, which is able to unlock the body’s ability to digest cannabis. The protein, when converted into tiny nanosponges that bind to THC, makes it water-soluble and much easier for the body to digest.

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