Sasha Banks recognizes the power of CBD

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The professional wrestler and actor turned to cannabis to fight pain and aid in workout recovery

Mercedes Varnado (Sasha Banks), Emmanuel Rodriguez (Kalisto) and his wife Abigal Rodriguez were recently interviewed by Cannabis & Tech Today magazine to promote Kanndela, their cannabidiol (CBD) company in Winter Park, FL. Banks didn’t miss the opportunity to talk about how CBD has changed her life, especially when it comes to her anxiety issues.

Former WWE wrestler Kalisto explained how CBD helped him sleep better and recover faster from workouts. For her part, Banks revealed going through severe depression in 2018. Banks confirmed that CBD helped her with pain, anxiety and recovery from workouts. She also said that at one point, she was drinking every day and taking ibuprofen. CBD helped her get off painkillers and alcohol.

“Being a professional fighter, it’s so exhausting,” Banks said. “It’s so, so hard. We’re never at home. We’re always beating ourselves up and getting it done. And once I got into CBD, my life completely changed. I realized that the anxiety I had, once I took CBD, it all dissipated. I started to feel like myself again. I started working with Manny and Abby, and the more we learned and grew, we wanted to create our own project.”

Banks also talked about the fighters who use CBD and how it has helped them a lot. Professional wrestling also comes with its downsides and according to Banks, CBD has become an ally in order to deal with them. Many of her peers thank her for introducing them to this magical compound, which has led to a better quality of life. Banks hopes to continue to have that influence on many others who may be having a hard time in their lives.

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