Santa Clara County votes to ban all cannabis-related activity

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The California county won’t follow the state’s cannabis industry plans

When it comes to cannabis legislation, even though states like California are basically pioneers of the industry, one of the provisions allows the cities the option of rejecting this business activity within its borders. This is the case for Santa Clara County, which, after a vote last night, the decision was made to place a temporary ban on marijuana sales until further notice. Unfortunately, Santa Clara residents will need to wait much longer to see the cannabis industry booming.

The Santa Clara City Council was clear on its decision, and the votes were five in favor and one against placing this restriction. The only vote against came from Mayor Lisa Gillmor, who claims that a ban seems like a very stern measure and that there are other options, instead. Even though county voters approved Measure M in 2018, which allows a 10% tax on recreational sales and a $25-per-square-foot tax on any cultivation space, city officials have stated that this ban in no way contradicts the voters’ decision. According to their declarations, that measure is to be applied only if sales are authorized in the city, but it doesn’t make it obligatory to accept it.

City Manager Deanna Santana declared that this ban will be in place just for some time while the city considers its own regulations and that it can be removed at any time. “Cannabis is here — the nose never fails to tell you — whether we like it or not,” Councilmember Teresa O’Neill said. “I don’t know that I’m ready for a ban, but maybe we put a pause on it and waste all the effort that has gone into it.”