San Diego plans massive cannabis expansion

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The California city has big plans for its cannabis market

San Diego plans to make the cannabis business much larger and fairer. Through an increased number of dispensaries and more flexible rules, the city intends to provide opportunities in the industry for people negatively affected by the war on drugs.

San Diego is taking important steps in California’s cannabis industry. Officials say they plan to work during the next months to double the number of marijuana dispensaries allowed in the city. Through this move, they are seeking an expansion of the types of neighborhoods where these types of businesses can be operated, from tourist and entertainment areas near public transportation to industrial areas.

Currently, there are some buffer requirements that prevent dispensaries from opening their doors within 1,000 feet of parks, churches, playgrounds, and libraries. The proposal, however, would take care of eliminating that rule, with the exception of schools, daycare centers and other buildings that predominantly serve minors where such buffers would remain in place.

Such an expansion, according to officials, is necessary as it would ensure the success of the city’s new marijuana equity program. This initiative is intended to be an extra support towards all those people who, in one way or another, have been affected by the war on drugs by entering the industry. 30 of the 38 dispensary licenses have already been granted, so authorities believe it is time to increase that limit so that the equity program really creates an opportunity.

Through this measure, officials would add another 36 new permits that will be exclusive to social equity applicants. While there are several criteria for consideration, the main requirement is that a person must have been convicted of a cannabis offense, or have a family member convicted of one, after 1993.