Rutgers Law School is launching a cannabis certificate program

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The renowned legal center is getting into cannabis

Marijuana business owners in New Jersey know how complicated it can be to adapt to the regulations and rules set by the state. Understanding all of these alignments makes a business thrive within the legal framework, but can sometimes become a difficult task to accomplish. Rutgers Law School is looking to put all of those concerns behind them after initiating a program that empowers these entrepreneurs to have a greater understanding of regulation in The Garden State.

Beginning in January of next year, Rutgers Law School, Camden School of Business, the School of Environmental and Life Sciences, and the School of Communication and Information will bring together their top professors to teach the six-month non-credit certificate in cannabis law and business. Accompanied by industry experts and guest speakers, the program will be essential for students to gain solid knowledge on how to effectively run a cannabis business while adhering to state law.

Kimberly Mutcherson and Rose Cuison-Villazor, co-deans of Rutgers Law School, shared the arrival of the certification program yesterday in a statement. They clarified that it was “exactly the kind of work we want to do as a law school in the state of New Jersey.”

Cuison-Villazor and Mutcherson said that Rutgers believes it is of the utmost importance to share essential information for people who want to enter the world of legal cannabis business, especially those communities that once had a difficult time before legalization. This is the first law school program focused on people who are not part of the law school curriculum.

Considering how big the recreational cannabis market is becoming in the state, having a certification to run a solid business is certainly a good idea. Investing in the full six-month certificate will cost $2695, but individual modules range from $600 to $800. Applications for these scholarships will open next month, the university said.