Rock and Roll Hall of Famer gets into cannabis

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Todd Rundgren is ready to sing about the benefits of marijuana

Rock & Roll legend Todd Rundgren joins the growing list of artists interested in becoming part of the cannabis industry. According to recent updates, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has decided to partner with Michigan-based Cheef Cannabis for a collection of two limited edition strains called “Hello, it’s Weed.” The name comes from his hit “Hello, It’s Me” released five decades ago.

One strain, dubbed Michigan Cookies, has a “super high potency level,” as well as a “sweet mocha coffee aroma.” Based on its composition, the product will make you feel “happy and creative” and “socially inspired,” according to Chef. Soi Mintz is the other strain that contains a “spicy herbal nutty flavor and a strong hint of mint” and will make you feel a “little tingle all over your body,” leaving you happy and pain-free.

“I’ve long been, I guess, an advocate for some time,” the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer says. “I don’t necessarily say, ‘Hey, everybody, drop everything and go out and smoke some pot!’ But I’ve never been coy about the fact that I’ve used mind-altering substances for various purposes – often creative purposes.”

To kick off this joining of forces with Chef, Todd said he plans to visit the stores of two branches of House of Dank, a Michigan dispensary, while in the Great Lakes State later this month for his tour with Daryl Hall. He is expected to be at the Ypsilanti dispensary today. Wednesday, he will be at the Grand Rapids store at noon. The product will be available wherever Chef is sold.

“If I had to say I was entering the branded cannabis market, I think the answer would be ‘Duh.’ I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I’ve sought inspiration from altered states. And while there’s no guarantee you’ll create a masterpiece, at least you can find some peace. It’s worth a try,” added the 74-year-old Rundgren.