Research supports the use of cannabis for borderline personality disorder

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Studies continue to shed light on how cannabis combats a number of health issues

Borderline is a personality disorder characterized by difficulty regulating emotions, impulsivity, low self-esteem, and maintenance of personal relationships. In the US, approximately 14 million people have borderline personality disorder (BPD). These people think in black and white; there is no in-between. Borderlines are impulsive, often feel insecure, live with fears, feelings of helplessness, jealousy, and shame. Fortunately, a new study indicates that marijuana has the potential to mitigate some of the symptoms of BPD.

People with a mild form of BPD usually cope well with the disorder. With a heavier form, it is more difficult, if not impossible. The symptoms are so severe that it is difficult for a person with BPD and those around them to lead a normal life.

There is no cure for a personality disorder, but much can be accomplished with certain treatments. According to a case series published in the October issue of Brain Sciences, cannabis may be one of them.

BPD is also known as an emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD). Researchers saw how a case series of seven participants with EUPD, treated with cannabis-based medications, showed improved quality of life. This provides some hope for the development of more efficient and safer natural treatments.

To reach this conclusion, the participants were evaluated at baseline and one month after being treated with cannabis-based products; symptom improvement was assessed by the participants and a psychiatrist. According to the authors, the treatment was well tolerated and none of the participants reported adverse side effects.

“To our knowledge, this case series represents the first medical evidence for the use of cannabis for the clinical management of patients diagnosed with EUPD,” the authors wrote, adding that “the results suggest that when implemented in a rigorously controlled clinical setting. marijuana-based products can provide substantial improvement in symptoms associated with EUPD.”