Research shows interesting connection between marijuana and sexual performance

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Sexual fertility examined in recent study

Boston University researchers conducted a study recently to determine how marijuana use might impact fertility. Other studies have already revealed that marijuana might enhance the sexual experience, but this latest research was designed to target one specific area – fertility. The research provided some interesting results that should make cannabis users happy.

It’s been a long-held belief that becoming intoxicated is a sure way for a man to not be able to “perform” adequately in bed. However, having just a couple of beers or one or two Whiskey Sours isn’t as inhibiting. The same can be said for the marijuana use, according to previous studies. Researchers have said that going too far with the daily dose can result in erectile dysfunction. However, consistent with the other previous studies, consuming a small amount of marijuana can make the experience more pleasurable.

The Boston University researchers were not able to identify any issues between marijuana use and fertility. They tested both men and women and studied a range of varliables, including how often couples engaged in coitus (not surprisingly, the number increased among those that regularly used marijuana), and found that there were no significant adverse effects on fertility from marijuana consumption. The study also revealed that it might be possible to build up a tolerance that would counter any fertility-related issues.

As with anything – salt, alcohol, fatty foods, even milk – everything has to be done in moderation. Too much consumption of any product can be bad for your health; however, it’s nice to see that consuming marijuana will not cause any issues for couples who are trying to conceive.

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