Research shows how cannabis can help improve cholesterol levels

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Consuming cannabis smartly has a positive impact on heart health

Over the past few years and based on various studies, a large portion of the world’s population has been diagnosed with heart disease, with a heart attack occurring every 40 seconds. Therefore, much research has been done to reduce the large loss of life from heart-related diseases. These problems do not distinguish between race, ethnicity, and gender, and therefore continue to be considered one of the leading causes of death worldwide. According to several research studies, cannabidiol (CBD) could have several positive effects on the heart.

This is confirmed by Dr. Adam Splaver, a cardiologist with vast experience, having said, “We are at the infancy of understanding the effects of CBD in cardiac health. There have been several studies, one of which looked at a single dose of CBD on healthy volunteers and they found it lowered blood pressure.”

In a study conducted almost ten years ago, several researchers found that vascular tension had a significant reduction after receiving a direct application of CBD. Another important factor in which CBD can play a role in the prevention of a heart attack is the increased influence it has on stress. Many reports indicate that a heart attack may occur after a person experiences something drastic; however, CBD can greatly help a person de-stress even in the most difficult of times.

CBD, in conjunction with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has been proven to bring a great deal of peace and calm in situations of extreme stress. Concerning cholesterol, although there has been no concrete research to support it, there have been small studies confirming a positive effect. This compound is very useful for cardiovascular health. It helps to relax the body and prevent the heart from suffering during exertion. Besides, its antioxidant properties eliminate artery-clogging cholesterol and improve blood pressure.