Research shows how cannabis affects people differently

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Each person’s reaction to cannabis differs, depending on several different factors

If you ask 50 people how long the effects of cannabis last, you are likely to get 50 different answers. Depending on factors such as how the cannabis is consumed and how strong it is, the user can stay drunk between three and ten hours. Research is responsible for establishing a congruent time, especially since the duration of impairment from inhaling or ingesting cannabis has been more anecdotal than scientific.

A meta-analysis of 80 articles delimited this period of time last year. This information can help inform the counseling information provided to patients, help update laws to better reflect the reality of marijuana impairment, and help recreational users make better decisions about performing tasks after consuming the plant.

“THC can be detected in the body weeks after cannabis use, whereas it is clear that impairment lasts for a much shorter period of time,” explained psychopharmacologist Iain McGregor of the University of Sydney (USYD) in Australia. This information is a way to approach first-time use with greater peace of mind.

Obviously, there are many types of marijuana and each one has a specific quality and effects. Therefore, if you consume marijuana of the highest quality, very resinous and potent, the effects will be more prolonged.

The method you use to consume will also be decisive. The method that most prolongs the effects after consumption is that of cannabis edibles.

Each organism is different and each one assimilates drugs in a different way. Some people process drugs slowly, feeling longer effects. Others, however, have faster metabolisms, and just as they feel the effects sooner, they also pass more quickly. In addition, age, weight, constitution, and general health also influence the duration of the effects of marijuana.

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