Research shows CBD can be a cure for PTSD

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More evidence provides support to using CBD in combatting the stress disorder

There has been some support of cannabidiol (CBD) for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition that results when someone suffers a seriously traumatic event. More research on the subject is being done on an almost constant basis and there is now additional evidence that CBD isn’t just useful in treating the symptoms of PTSD, but that it could cure it, as well.

PTSD can occur from any high-stress situation. It is mostly associated with combat veterans, but can also surface in individuals who suffer assaults, kidnappings, air crashes, natural catastrophes and other serious circumstances. Traditionally, treatment consists of pharmaceutical antidepressants and psychotherapy, but these are not always effective. Additionally, most of the pharma drugs result in side effects, such as nausea, insomnia, agitation and headaches, that make their use less desirable.

Recent studies into PTSD have found that those who suffer from the disorder have a lower level of anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid compound, in their system. The absence of the cannabinoid results in the characteristics associated with PTSD and CBD is able to fill in the missing gaps to give the patients the level of endocannabinoids the body needs to stabilize itself.

In addition, PTSD is increasingly associated with what is dubbed “learned” fear. The more fear that one experiences in his or her life, the more powerful the outcome, which leads to higher fits of insomnia and nightmares. However, CBD is able to reduce learned fear, resulting in the PTSD symptoms being completely eliminated.

One interesting finding from PTSD research is that CBD could also help to reduce the impact of the disorder if it is administered soon after the traumatic event. This could lead to a complete paradigm shift in how marijuana is viewed globally, but, in particular, by military branches that need to ensure their troops are always in the best shape for battle.