Research provides new support for cannabis in treating Tourette’s

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Ongoing research into the benefits of cannabis continues to reveal advantages

Tourette syndrome is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder that manifests in childhood and is characterized by physical and vocal tics, such as repetitive jerky movements or socially inappropriate expressions. Cannabis can help with different symptoms caused by this condition, reducing anxiety and the frequency of tics. A new study comes to reaffirm these findings after noticing significant improvements in quality of life among Tourette’s patients who consume marijuana-based products.

Research on cannabis shows that it can help alleviate the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome. With some 200,000 Americans suffering from severe cases of Tourette’s (and up to 10% of people experiencing milder symptoms), any possible treatment is worth considering.

New research has shown that patients who use cannabis-based products have an improved quality of life, as well as a reduction in prescription medications. This is consistent with anecdotal evidence and some preliminary research suggesting that the plant is useful for the treatment of this disease and even legally prescribed for the condition in countries such as the United Kingdom.

Different scientists in Israel have now taken on the task of evaluating the symptoms of patients immediately before and after six months of treatment with marijuana. Some of the participants consumed extract formulations, while others inhaled cannabis flowers with dominant tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). After some time, patients began to report noticeable improvements in their work situation, and quality of life and even had a decreased need to take prescription medications.

“Our findings suggest that medical cannabis may be an effective and safe option to improve comorbidities and quality of life in TS patients,” the authors concluded. “Medical cannabis effectiveness should be further evaluated in large-scale randomized clinical trials.”

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