Research indicates CBD drinks are favored over alcohol

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Alcohol is beginning to lose its flavor and favor with consumers

Some prefer Ale, others Stout and others Pilsen, but today many prefer cannabidiol (CBD) beer, which makes drinking have a positive influence on health. Of course, several industry giants are already interested in its production. New research by consumer insight platform Veylinx has shown that people are willing to spend more on mood-enhancing CBD beverages than on alcohol.

The results suggest that abstinence events like “Dry January” are more than just a social media fad – it seems that approximately 75% of Americans claim to have given up alcohol temporarily for at least a month in the past. While about half say they are cutting back on alcohol consumption and replacing alcoholic beverages with ones that don’t make them tipsy. Physical health and mental well-being are among the main reasons consumers are choosing to drink less.

After conducting behavioral research to measure consumer buying habits, Veylinx tested the fast-growing non-alcoholic canned cocktail market to find out who is buying these drinks and why. The research also looked at the demand for enhanced versions with functional benefits such as mood enhancers, detoxifiers, and CBD.

Many people appear to be willing to put their money into non-alcoholic beverages with health benefits, such as those infused with CBD. Versions of CBD that have a positive mood boost are a favorite among this community. The study made it clear that adding CBD to a $12 four-pack of non-alcoholic canned cocktails increases demand by 13%, and adding natural mood boosters increases demand by 9%.

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