Research finds more evidence of cannabis helping fight chronic diseases

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Studies on the health benefits of cannabis continue to find positive results

The number of patients using cannabis for therapeutic purposes is increasing worldwide. Its numerous properties mean that many patients find relief from its effects, especially those patients suffering from chronic diseases for which there is no effective treatment. A new study published in Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology claims that the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases has been positively affected by effective and well-tolerated medical cannabis products.

Having a chronic disease involves living with disabling and persistent symptomatology related to inflammatory processes, pain, or other conditions that end up hindering the daily activities of the person and have a direct impact on a deterioration of the quality of life over the years. However, the new study seems to reveal that these problems could be left in the past if cannabis enters into the treatment routine.

The study focused on patients suffering from a variety of conditions, such as depression, chronic pain, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and inflammatory bowel disease. Experts closely studied the health-related quality of life data of nearly 3,000 patients who ingested extracts containing CBD and THC or vaporized cannabis. Using different validated questionnaires, the researchers compared data at baseline, one, three, six, and 12 months.

According to the results, medical marijuana products improved health-related quality of life and reduced anxiety levels in patients, and improved insomnia-related problems. The research also indicated that women and patients without prior marijuana treatment were more likely to experience adverse events.