Regular CBD oil consumption can lead to a healthier heart, faster bone healing

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The list of benefits to CBD use continues to grow longer

Some physicians have approved the use of CBD oil as part of a regimen to keep your heart healthy, along with light exercise, and a balanced diet. Studies show that cannabidiol can lower the heart’s response to stress caused by high or low blood pressure, and artery blockage, and may even lower cholesterol.

Researchers have also been studying the use of CBD to help heal bones and ligaments. Bone loss due to osteoporosis weakens bones and makes them more fragile. In the case of Juvenile osteoporosis, most doctors believe it intensifies with age. CBD oil can be used to promote bone health by aiding bone growth and helping to slow bone loss, providing an alternative in treating osteoporosis.

Cancer has been linked to inflammation caused by oxidative stress, results in rapid cell division, leading to the formation of tumors. Scientists and physicians are studying the use of CBD in treating cancer. Research on animals, suggest CBD oil may delay the growth and spread of cancerous, and could further the use of CBD in cancer treatments.

CBD oil has also show signs of reducing the risk of diabetics in recent studies, by lowering insulin levels and raising high-density lipoprotein, which helps to control symptoms of diabetes. Future studies are needed, but the benefits of using CBD oil in the medical field seem to be growing every day.