Recreational cannabis consumption is on the rise, according to study

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The legalization of recreational cannabis is helping boost the industry and reduce illegal trade

In the middle of last week, a new study was published in which the data on marijuana consumption in the country was analyzed, especially focused on the recreational market. Adopting the name “Impacts of recreational cannabis legalization on cannabis use: a longitudinal discordant twin study,” the research set out to explore the frequency of marijuana use in two different states.

For more consistent results, the researchers evaluated the effects of recreational marijuana legalization among similar cohorts of people born in Colorado and Minnesota. While the two states have many demographic similarities, they have vastly different cannabis policies. The authors added that while “many participants still reside in their states of birth, some participants have migrated to other states, resulting in discordant matches for exposure to recreational legalization.”

The study reviewed data from more than 3,400 individuals, which is split roughly down the middle between the two states. In 2014, the state of Colorado legalized recreational cannabis and Minnesota legalized medical cannabis. For it, all individuals had previously been asked about their cannabis use before and after that year.

According to the researchers’ findings, in 111 twin pairs, there were no genetic influences leading to the frequency of cannabis use. However, they were able to verify that “Existing genetic influences were moderated by the legal environment, as the genetic correlation between marijuana use before and after legalization was lower in states that legalized compared with states that did not.”

After finding the different data, the researchers made it clear that this particular topic may need further development to better understand how this famous plant may have affected people in other states. Still, it is safe to say that recreational marijuana use has increased across the board in the country.