Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t impact cannabis consumption

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It’s safe to use cannabis even as consumers receive the vaccination

After more than a year since the arrival of COVID-19, vaccines have finally begun to play an important role in its spread. The start of normal life again has made the world’s population start to feel more relaxed and this is undoubtedly good news. However, since these vaccines have been given in many parts of the world, new myths and thoughts have started to come to light, and one of them had to do with the consumption of certain substances, including cannabis. Because of this, several experts have taken on the task of analyzing the correlation between the vaccine and certain substances, and have come to the conclusion that there is no evidence that the vaccine interacts negatively with alcohol or marijuana.

Similarly, anecdotal evidence has also made it clear that cannabis use both before and after vaccination is not at all bad. Today more than 300 million Americans have received their vaccinations and many of these people regularly enjoy marijuana due to legalization in several states. There is no evidence to date that this part of the population has had any problems from injecting the COVID-19 vaccine and using cannabis at any time.

Health experts have said with complete certainty that there is no concrete evidence to show a deterioration of cannabis use either before or after vaccination. Such is the case of Dr. Frank Lucido, who said he was more concerned about the lung disease caused by the coronavirus than the relationship between marijuana and the vaccine as such. Lucido said that there should not be any problems as long as people continue to stick to their usual cannabis consumption habits.