Rapper Russell “Russ” James Vitale becomes the latest celebrity to get into cannabis

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The cannabis space continues to find overwhelming support from well-known public figures

From singers to actors, to even famous writers, celebrities have long wanted to immerse themselves in the growing cannabis industry in a big way. This is why rapper Russel James Vitale, better known as Russ, has decided not to be left out of that list. Earlier this week, he took to his social media accounts to announce that, through a collaboration with the leading West Coast cannabis brand Wonderbrett, he would launch his own cannabis line, “CHOMP.”

The main idea of this project is to be able to provide an experience of another level for all those music creators who like to smoke marijuana to inspire their ideas when they compose. Russ has made it clear that his interest has been elevated for some time, but that he was taking care of doing all the necessary processes to launch a quality brand and satisfy all his customers. In addition, he has indicated that he is very happy after the association with Wonderbrett.

Russ added, “Their taste level is super high and [Wonderbrett founder Brett Feldman] is a genius. As far as the product itself I just wanted to create something organic that was true to me. I’m not a heavy smoker who’s just gonna sit around and smoke all day but often times in the studio I enjoy experiencing an alternative yet still tuned in perspective, so keeping a joint of something productive nearby comes in handy…I might as well control what’s in the joint so that’s what I’ve done here with Wonderbrett.”