Rapper Redman launches a new cannabis initiative that’s gaining strength

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The artist is working to speed up mainstream acceptance of cannabis

Redman, originally from Newark, is an American rapper who became popular as an artist in Def Jam during the 1990s. Since then, he has not only been known for his music, but also for his passion for marijuana. In 2019, he launched a cannabis line together with Method Man and has also joined forces with important figures (Snoop Dogg, B Real and others) in order to make efforts in favor of the legalization of marijuana. His latest move in relation to the plant is now based on the presentation of the new National Cannabis Party.

The project was unveiled during the recent Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCB) in New York City. Sephida Artis-Mills is the current president of the party that was co-founded by the rapper.

During the unveiling, Artis-Mills made it clear that the group is meant to be a registered political party that will create legislation and hold politicians accountable for what does or does not happen in relation to cannabis. “We’re able to impact policy and legislation,” she added. “We have a bill on the table right now here in the state of New York.”

The party has fairly clear objectives, among them bridging the gap between Democrats and Republicans while looking to hold elected officials to their promises regarding cannabis and not simply standing idly by and not helping to decriminalize it. According to Redman, legislators such as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are some of those who have so far shown themselves to be working hard for cannabis legalization and social equity.

Redman said he was among those who supported cannabis since the 1990s and is now looking to capitalize on the plant to help children and young people suffering from seizures. “The cannabis plant has over 400 components that haven’t even been discovered yet, so we might not even see it in our lifetime or even in our kid’s lifetime how much this plant can heal people,” Redman concluded.