Rapper Jim Jones introduces cannabis products

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The lyrical artist plans on working with Saucy Farms to offer pre-rolls

Jim Jones, a rapper, novice actor and music video director, is getting into the legal marijuana industry. As a music video director, he goes by the name CAPO and he has adopted this moniker to offer his new CAPO Blunt, a pre-roll that will be sold by Saucy Farms and Extracts. It is made with a “tea-leaf” mixture wrapped in special cannabis oil and is reportedly the first of its kind to hit the market.

Saucy Farms only launched this past April and offers high-end CBD (cannabidiol) products in California and Oregon. Scoring a deal with Jones should help raise brand awareness, with founder Alex Todd explaining, “Sometimes the products that we grow don’t even make it to the finished product. A lot of times if we look at a product at the end of the day and we don’t like it, we’ll probably turn it into oil or we’ll take it and move it into another product line.”

Jones is excited to begin working with the company and says that he has a lot of respect for Todd. He adds, “Just to learn the benefits about the money. There’s a lot of medical benefits when it comes to the marijuana field. There’s a whole lot of things we can do as far as giving back to the community with some of the proceeds.”

The rapper’s product line will give the company a jolt of energy, but it won’t be the core of the business. Saucy Farms is now working on a new product line of CBD products designed for athletes. This line is expected to be introduced within the next couple of months and Todd is already lining up athletes in different sports to collaborate on the products.