Quibi streaming platform to feature cannabis enthusiasts show

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The new streaming platform is jumping right in with cannabis content

Little by little cannabis topics will gain more attention from the media as more people become interested in knowing more about not only the plant but the culture surrounding it. A short-form streaming platform called Quibi, which is about to be launched, is bringing a series that follow marijuana enthusiasts that create marijuana art for celebrities that smoke marijuana. The show is entitled Let’s Roll With Tony Greenhand, and it comes from ITV America’s Leftfield Pictures.

Let’s Roll follows different cannabis artists with Greenland connecting with many different celebrities that are also marijuana enthusiasts “to make their wildest [marijuana cigarette] dreams come true.”
The show will feature celebrities like Hannibal Burress, Bella Thorne, Blake Anderson, Nikki Glaser and Ron Funches, who will have Greenhand rolling personalized pieces of art for them.

At the end of each episode, Greenhand delivers his creation and also joins the celebrity client in smoking the piece-of-art marijuana cigarette. This show is being produced by Leftfield with help from BoomTown Content Co. Also, Gretchen Palek, Shawn Witt, Karen Kunkel Young and Mark Efman participate as executive producers alongside Greenhand.

The upcoming Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Quibi platform recently revealed more details of the platform earlier this month. A launch party was on the agenda, but it was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. For now, the service is scheduled to be live on April 6, bringing high-quality content in videos of 10 minutes or less. So far, around 50 launch titles are being prepared for this platform, including unscripted shows such as a reboot of MTV’s Punk’d. Some scripted series will be available, including Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz starring Most Dangerous Game.