Public housing protection for cannabis users comes to Capitol Hill

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Congressional lawmakers will discuss a bill to protect cannabis users in public housing

Since the legalization of cannabis began, there have been many sensitive issues that have potentially affected its consumers. There is currently a fight to prevent people from being denied access to public housing simply because they use or possess marijuana. A congresswoman recently shared a couple of amendments to the spending legislation in order to accomplish this. Should all go well, the full House of Representatives could vote on one or both of these measures within the next week and see what the fate of this legislation will be.

One of the proposals introduced by Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton is making every effort to prevent the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) from using its funds to enforce an ongoing cannabis ban that seeks to evict residents of federally-assisted housing if they live in a state where recreational use is legal. On the other hand, the second amendment has an exclusive focus on medical cannabis.

“People should not be denied admission or fear eviction from federally-assisted housing simply for treating their medical conditions or using a substance legal under state law,” said Norton, “Increasingly, Americans are changing their views on marijuana. Congress needs to catch up.”

A couple of months ago, Norton had sent a letter to the same agency asking it to please use “executive discretion” in order not to pursue this seemingly unfair process. The text of the new amendments on the issue has not yet been made public, but it has been made clear that they reflect a strong need for law-abiding adults who use cannabis not to face a choice between their civil liberties and their right to stable housing.