Promising results of studies using marijuana to treat bug bites, burns

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Arev Brands continues to conduct studies on using terpenes to treat skin conditions

According to a company announcement, Arev Brands International is seeing significant progress of its study incorporating cannabis for treating first-degree burns and bug bites. It has conducted a number of preliminary tests, all of which produced positive results, and is preparing to move forward with a larger, formal study that will incorporate a larger test pool in order to better define the research program.

Arev Brands is based out of Canada and distributes natural health products. It is leading the study in conjunction with Alternative Extracts, Inc., also located in Canada, and looks to explore how different terpene blends in cannabis can be used to treat a number of skin conditions.

One of the test patients participating in the recent study is a 50-year-old female who suffers from keloid formation, a condition that causes raised scars and blisters on the skin from an overproduction of collagen. After treating her for four days, the condition had receded and there were no signs of infection.

According to Adrian Wade, the chief science officer for Alternative Extracts, “This collaboration continues to produce highly effective compounds and formulations. Terpenes have demonstrated to play an important role in an increasing number of natural health and medical products.”

The company recently purchased Bare Topicals – an arm of Alternative Extracts – in an all-stock deal worth around $120,000. Bare Topicals produces cannabis-based skin creams.

Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons found in cannabis. There are more than 200 different types, but there are only a few that are found in cannabis products on the market. These include myrcene, limonene, humulene, pinene, caryophyllene, linalool, among others. Terpenes, apart from their medicinal value, are also responsible for marijuana’s flavor and aromatic oils.