President Biden signs infrastructure bill that will increase cannabis research

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Baby steps in the nation’s capital will lead to larger cannabis reforms going forward

It looks like the week started with great news for the marijuana industry and the entire investigative process surrounding it. Yesterday, President Joe Biden put his signature on a massive infrastructure bill that includes several provisions aimed at giving researchers access to dispensary marijuana so they can more consistently research the real marijuana that consumers are using today. In this way, they will no longer have to continue using government-grown cannabis to reach conclusions that may not have been as congruent.

Biden’s approval means that a legislative achievement touted by Democrats has arrived after weeks of contentious debate. The bill had been on the table for some time now, but the effort has finally paid off. The development comes just as several efforts are underway in Congress by Democrats to promote various cannabis legislation, including a bill seeking federal legalization that was approved two months ago by the House Judiciary Committee.

As if that weren’t enough, Republicans have also recently weighed in on the issue, introducing a new plan to end the federal prohibition of cannabis. These different efforts are looking better and better for the industry. Being able to have research-based cannabis products in dispensaries will be a great help for the researchers to have better results on the benefits that people are currently getting. In the past, they only had access to government plants, but many claimed that this process was not very efficient, as it was not analyzing the effects that the consumer was directly getting.