POTUS marijuana pardon proves to be a hit with voters

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A survey shows strong support for President Biden’s decision on cannabis records

Last week’s decisions made by President Joe Biden regarding marijuana pardons has a large population happy. For too long, exaggerated sentences have been handed out simply for possession of a plant that has proven to be more beneficial than harmful. However, Biden is looking to make amends and has become a popular issue with the public, as revealed by a couple of new polls.

The White House may not have expected to be so successful with this news, but it is certainly taking note of the strong support. Separate polls released Tuesday showed majority support for the pardon action. Biden’s directive to conduct a review of how marijuana is federally classified was also not far behind with public support.

Most Americans would also expect their respective governors to do the same with clemency at the state level. This has been a call from the President that some have already begun to embrace.

One poll revealed that 67% (mostly Democrats) of respondents said they support Biden’s pardon proclamation. Slightly less than half who support the measure are from the Republican party. These results were shared on White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s official Twitter account, indicating that the administration is aware of how the public is reacting to last week’s announcement, especially now that the midterm elections are drawing closer.

The results also showed that three in four Americans (74%) favor removing marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. Strong bipartisan support was reported for removing marijuana from Schedule I, with 84% of Democrats, 74% of Independents and just under 60% percent of Republicans saying they support that proposal.

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