Portland, Maine, is getting a new cannabis museum

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The state’s latest cannabis addition is coming early next year

Maine already has a legal cannabis market, and it didn’t take long for a museum to come to life. An innovative marijuana museum in Portland has as its main goal to create a unique and immersive exhibit that focuses on how the prohibition of this plant affects its cultivation. The venue is scheduled to open in Portland’s arts district in early 2023.

Initially started as a nonprofit, the new museum is called Core and is located at 553 Congress Street. Core is linked to a new adult dispensary next door at 555 Congress Street. Essential for anyone who wants a taste of their favorite product, get on the memo and come in to witness all that the museum has to offer.

April Arrasate, who serves as the executive director of both locations, says she wants the museum to mirror the dispensary’s focus on social justice. The firm’s mission includes a commitment to diversity and women’s ownership. Social equity in the industry has always been a paramount factor and Arrasate is quite clear about that.

In 2008, the entrepreneur entered the cannabis industry in Connecticut through its first company, Curaleaf Inc. She now clearly intends for Portland’s Core exhibit to focus on how the history of cannabis prohibition in the country has impacted the cultivation process. And until the exhibit launches in the winter, she wants Core to welcome artists, musicians, performers, and anyone looking for a space to gather and present their craft to the community.