Popular foods are no longer as popular as cannabis

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Cannabis is now consumed more than many everyday foods

Perhaps not many imagined that the popularity of cannabis would reach such a point that it is even consumed more than the most popular foods today. Consumer behavior coincides exactly with what the cannabis industry has been predicting for a long time; cannabis consumption increased even more during the pandemic.

Obvious factors such as stress and anxiety caused the percentages of new recreational cannabis users to rise to at least 6% of all reported users in 2020. Much of this was represented by the young US population. According to various surveys and reports, it has been indicated that the top three desired effects of the cannabis product include relaxation, sleep and emotional relief, something that is very timely in difficult times of confinement.

The diversification of the cannabis market saw a large increase, with nearly 60% of new users being women. According to several studies, women and men approach cannabis use differently. It has been said that women have a higher priority focus on the effects of cannabis and how it actually affects their physical and mental health. Given these growing statistics, it has been concluded that Americans consume more marijuana than they consume mineral water, soy milk and plant-based meat, at least as reported by consumers themselves.

While 10% of the population said they had consumed cannabis during the last three months, the consumption of meat of vegetable origin fell short with only 8%. There is no doubt that, with this being the case, it is safe to say that Americans, especially the younger population, are more than ready for cannabis legalization.