Popular cannabis strains for Halloween

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These well-known cannabis strains pair perfectly with witches and goblins

Halloween offers the chance to try out new strains of cannabis to celebrate the witching season. Some seem to be made specifically for the annual holiday featuring witches and goblins, but it’s unlikely they carry any special potions or spells. Still, their names conjure up all kinds of ghoulish images.

Jack the Ripper is a hybrid provides a euphoric and gently buoyant high, without the manic edge many sativas have, making it an ideal choice for a laidback celebration. Jack the Ripper offers a fruity funk with crisp pine note.

Candy Kush is a balanced hybrid, that appears to bring on a case of the munchies, so stock up on your Halloween candy before trying Candy Kush’s tart and sweet flavors.

Monster Cookies will deliver a relaxing high that will make you think of berries and earthy tones.

Frankenstein is thought to have come from the Pacific Northwest, offering relaxation and euphoria with deep floral nuances.

Hell Fire OG delivers both a euphoric sativa onset with a pacifying indica thrown in. Its hint of lemon and sweet herbal balance is pleasant for a Halloween trip.

And let’s not forget about Ghost Train Haze that will hit hard for long time, with its reputation for manic energy an interesting choice for Halloween adventures. A balanced herbal and tropical fruit blend is what you will experience with this strain.

Death Star is a potent indica hybrid with a slow skunky onset, that will keep your Halloween cheerful and lighthearted, with tastes of pepper and fruit to please your senses.

Phantom OG is truly mellow, so be careful you don’t fall asleep and miss Halloween altogether, as you enjoy a minty lemon laced buzz.